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Become a Radiant Wellness Warrior with Vicki


What’s Included in Holistic Makeover:

  • 8 LIVE Group Coaching Calls (1/Week) with Vicki
  • Body/Nutrition Makeover w/ Full Elimination Diet
  • Body/Exercise Makeover
  • Mind/Stress & Sleep Makeovers
  • Soul/Holistic Wellness Visualizations from Council of Light and Akashic Guides
  • Access to 15 Radiant Wellness Habits
  • Complete Makeover Visual Planner, Toolkit, Daily Emails, Weekly Challenges & Support
  • BONUS: 2 Months of Access to Radiant Wellness Warriors (Private Facebook Group) - a $98 Value
  • OPTIONAL ADD-ON1: 2 Daily Supplement Packs $99
  • OPTIONAL ADD-ON2: 1 Daily Face Skincare Kit $59

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