To start, simply choose an area of your life that could benefit from more of your love and attention and see which resources resonate with you.

Best Enlightenment Book: The Supreme Yoga: Yoga Vasistha

Best Ascension Book: The Archangel Guide to Ascension

Best All for Love Book: Everything is Here to Help You

Best Online Spiritual Program: All for Love Angel Academies

Best Simple Spirituality/Unity Consciousness Book: All is One

Best 5D Awakening Book: Wake Up in 5D

Best Spiritual Book: The Power of Now

Best Buddhist Books: Magic of AwarenessHeart of the Buddha’s Teaching and Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection

Best Christian Book: A Course in Miracles

Best Intergalactic Council of Light Book: The Council of Light

Best Angels as Guides book: Invoking the Archangels

Best Dragons book: Dragons: Your Celestial Guardians

Best Who Am I Book: The Teachings of Ramana Maharshi

Best Tibetan Book: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

Best Accelerated Living Book: Super Accelerated Living

Best Awakening Soul Consciousness Website: Hanuman Academy

Best Jnana Yoga (Wisdom Path) Book Series: Nothing Ever Happened

Best Bhakti Yoga (Devotion Path) Book: The Journey Within

Best Karma Yoga (Action/Service Path) Book/Living Example: Mother Teresa

Best Biography of Enlightened Masters: Mystics, Masters, Saints & Sages

Best Breath Practices: The Power of Breath and The Power of Pranayama

Best Yoga Nidra Book: Yoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational Sleep

Best All Religions Point to the Same Truth Book: Rays of the Same Light

Best Radio for the Soul: Hay House Radio

Best Quantum Living programs: Quantum Journeys

Best Soul Purpose book: Discovering Your Soul Signature

Best Transdenominational Congregation: Agape International

Best Daily Devotions Book: Until Today

Best Meditation for Professionals: Ziva Online

Best 8-Point Meditation Program: Meditation by Easwaren

Best Meditation Books and Program: Heart of Meditation and Real Happiness

Best Simple Meditation: Very Well Mind

Best Turn Meditation into a Daily Habit App: Headspace

Best Intuitive Training: How to Communicate with Your Guides

Best Dragon & Ascension Assistance Book: Dragons: Your Celestial Guardians

Best Angel Coach: Angel Goldin Dobbs

Best Book on Working with Your Angels: Invoking the Archangels

Best Akashic Records Books: Opening the Akashic Records and How to Read the Akashic Records

Best Merkaba Book: Beyond the Flower of Life

Best Akashic Records Initiation and Certifications: Rock n Roll Shaman

Best Life Priority Book: One Month to Live

Best Numerology Life Path Book: The Life You Were Born to Live

Best Karmic Astrology Life Path Book: Discovering Your Soul Mission

Best Astrology Life Path Book: Astrology for the Soul

Best Spiritual Growth Online series: Beyond the Ordinary

Best Full Activated Divine Feminine Program: Rikka Zimmerman's Fully Awakened Divine Feminine

Best Sacred Music CDs: ReturningSacred TreasuresAve Maria & Into Silence

Best Ask You Soul/Solo Muscle Testing Video: Emotion Code Healing (FREE)

Best Affirmations/ “I am” Statements: I Am Affirmations (FREE)

Best Free Weekly Numerology Update: Carol Adrienne (FREE)

Best Free Guided Meditations: 10 Best Guided Meditations on YouTube (FREE)

Best Unity Consciousness Article: One Indivisible Family (FREE)

Best Free Meditation Apps: 9 Free Meditation Apps on (FREE)

Best Free Spiritual eBooks: (FREE)

Best Free Mindfulness Exercises: (FREE)

Best Healing Chants Album: Ajeet Kaur's Shuniya (FREE)

Best Sustainable Happiness & Health Book: Radiant Wellness

Best Book to Form Happier and Healthier Habits: Happy Habits

Best Personal Development Network: TransformationTV

Best personal development blog: DailyOm

Best Stress Reduction & Happiness Book and App: 10% Happier Book + App

Best Happiness at Work book: Happiness Advantage

Best Happiness Experiments: The Happiness Project

Best Mind, Body & Soul blog: BlissfulMind

Best Energy Updates: Kari Samuels

Best Increase Your Happiness Set Point Book: Happy for No Reason

Best Subliminals to Reprogram Your Subconscious:

Best Whole Brain, Subconscious Reprogramming: Psych-K

Best Mind/Energy Healing Method: The Core Work

Best Code of Conduct for Happiness Book +Course: The Four Agreements

Best Goal Setting: Desire Map Planners

Best Mindfulness Books: Happiness is an Inside Job and Wherever You Go

Best Emotional Intelligence Book: Search Inside Yourself

Best Emotional Intelligence Guidebook for Leaders: Captivate

Best Mind Workout: MindGym: Wake Up Your Mind

Best Make Happiness a Life Priority Book: Happiness: Life’s Most Important Skill

Best Habit Book: The Power of Habit

Best Mindset Book: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Best Holistic Mindset Blog: Always Well Within

Best Extraordinary Mind book: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Best Drop the Drama coach: Irresistible Living

Best Pick-Me-Up book: No Matter What

Best Vision Board Apps: Make a Vision Board

Best Gratitude App: My Gratitude Journal

Best Self Reflection Practice Book: The Five-Minute Journal

Best Happy Life Advice Book: Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die

Best How To Live Happy Training Event: Art of Living

Best Emotional Health and Wellbeing Solutions: Happify

Best Personal Freedom Series: From Heartache to Joy and Shift Network

Best Mindfulness App: Smiling Mind

Best Brain Entrainment App: Holosync

Best Apps for Daily Learning: 14 Apps (Article)

Best Free Tapping meditations: The Tapping Solution (FREE)

Best Way to Bring More Laughter into Your Life: Daringtolivefully (FREE)

Best Free Happiness Course: Be Happy on (FREE)

Best TED Talks on Happiness: TED Talks (FREE)

Best Free Gratitude Worksheets: 118 Gratitude Worksheets on Pinterest (FREE)

Best Happiness Quotes on Twitter: @_SmileGenerator (FREE)

Best Happiness Images: Happi-ness and Board of Happiness (FREE)

Best Habits of Happiness People: SparringMind (FREE)

Best Happiness Playlist: 101 Songs to Lift Your Spirits (FREE)

Best Habit Creation Program: Tiny Habits (FREE)

Best Conscious Living Guide: Flourish (FREE)

Best Happy Habits Tools: Happy Habits List and Happy Habits Planner (FREE)

Best Holistic Detox Program: Radiant Wellness 10-Day Reset 

Best Sustainable Health Book: Radiant Wellness

Best Permanent Weight Loss Program: The Gabriel Method

Best Healthy Aging Book: Dr. Sear’s Prime-Time Health

Best Healthy Habits book: Elizabeth Rider's The Healthy Habit

Best Healing Book: You Can Heal Your Life

Best Overall Health Education/ Illness Prevention Book: How Not to Die

Best Holistic Nutrition Books: Spiritual Nutrition and Conscious Eating

Best Water Energizer: Crystal Energy (Drops) thru Gone Green (10% Off)

Best Water Filter: Berkey Water Filter

Best Reverse Serious Illness and Food as Medicine Book: Eat for Life

Best Learn How to Properly Prepare Veggies & Legumes Book: The Plant Paradox

Best Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods Book: The Ultimate Ph Solution

Best Balanced Meal Planning Book: Body Love

Best Books for Becoming a Vegan: The Plant-Based Journey and Vegan Reset

Best Gut Health Book: The Microbiome Diet

Best Gut and Candida Tests: Biohm Gut Tests

Best Online Functional Medicine Doctor: Parsley Health

Best Online Functional Medicine Doctor Educational Program about the U.S. Healthcare System: Hacking Your Healthcare

Best Alzheimer's Prevention Program: Science of Prevention

Best Hormone Books: The Hormone Cure and Hormone Reset

Best Frequency Healing: Secret of Everything

Best Sleep Advice: Sleep Doctor

Best Anti-Inflammation Diet: Dr. Andrew Weil

Best Mesotheliomia Diet: Asbestos Treatment Nutrition Diet

Best Reverse Chronic Disease book: Undo It

Best Immunity-Boosting, Self Healing book: Deepak Chopra's Self Healing

Best Wellness Blog: Mind Body Green

Best Wellness Book by a Functional Doctor: How to Be Well

Best Wellness Centers in NYC: Eleven Wellness Center and Parsley Health

Best Gut Cleansing book: Happy Gut

Best Food for Life book: Food for Life

Best Quantum Wellness book: Quantum Wellness

Best book on Responsible Eating:

Best Plant-Based Dietician Advice: Plant Based Dietician

Best Restore the Body to Heal Itself book: Clean

Best Hormone Test: Dutch Test

Best Review of Drug, Medical Device & Consumer Safety: Consumer Safety Guide

Best Epsom Salts: Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Relaxing Soaking Solution

Best Dry Brush Cleaning Kit: BirchRose + Co and Elemis

Best Tongue Cleaner: MAPI

Best Online Homeopathic Store: Homeopathyworks

Best Sacral Cranial Therapy Cradle/Headrest: CranioCradle

Best Epigenetics (Lifestyle Over Genes) Books: The Biology of Belief & Younger

Best Corporate Wellness Program: Katie Bressack

Best Low-Sugar and Alkaline Foods Blog:

Best Informative and Fun Food Blogs: FoodMatters and Jason Wrobel

Best Yoga & Vegetarianism: Simple Recipes for Joy

Best Anti-Inflammatory Vegetarian Diet: Crazy Sexy Diet program

Best Recovering from Illness book: Kicking Sick

Best Women's Health Empowerment book: Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

Best Tough Love Diet book: Skinny Bitch

Best Restorative Yoga Book & Video: How to Do Restorative Yoga and Gaia

Best Yoga Teacher Training: Brett Larkin

Best Christian Yoga Alternative: Praise Moves

Best Aromatherapy Essential Oils: Young Living 

Best Book about Teas Healing Properties: Cancer Hates Tea

Best Herbal Tea Stores Online: Tea Forte and Mightyleaf

Best No-nonsense fitness program for women: PnP Tribe

Best Quick & Easy Workout: Radiant Wellness Mini-Workouts

Best Midlife Wellness Podcast for Women: Kim Acedo's Me Time Midlife (FREE)

Best Online Yoga Classes: Yoga with Adriene (FREE) and Greatist (FREE)

Best Free Interval Workout Videos: Greatist (FREE)

Best Food Newsletter highlighting how to use different vegetables: Doctor's Kitchen (FREE)

Best National Tap Water Quality Database: (FREE)

Best Cosmetics Quality Database: (FREE)

Best Mindful Eating Article: (FREE)

Best Meditation & Sleep Article: (FREE)

Best AM & PM Rituals: Create Good MorningsRelaxing Bedtime Rituals (FREE)

Best Recipes: GeniusKitchenMinimalistBaker (Vegan), SimpleGreenSmoothies

Best Work You Love Career Guide: InspiredWork and InspiredWork Workbook

Best TV program for New Entrepreneurs: MarieTV

Best Entrepreneur Podcast: Mind Your Business Podcast

Best Numerology-Based Career Path Book: I See Your Dream Job

Best Find Your Passion Test: The Passion Test

Best Divine Light Mission Activation book: Tablets of Light

Best Enlightened Business Example: Organic India

Best Enlightened Real Estate Millionaire Book: One Minute Millionaire

Best Soulful Business Marketing: Heart Centered Marketing

Best Retirement Book: How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free

Best Productivity Training: Wake Up Productive

Best Book to Start a New Job Off Right: The First 90 Days

Best Domain, Hosting & Website Tools for Entrepreneurs: GoDaddy

Best Create an Inspired Legacy Book: Leaving a Legacy

Best Personal Branding Book: Make a Name for Yourself

Best Work-Life Balance Books: Thrive and The 4-Hour Work Week

Best Prioritization Book and Program: The One Thing

Best Online Business Advice Book: DotCom Secrets

Best Leadership Book: Strengths-Based Leadership

Best Entrepreneur Mindset Podcast: Mind Your Business Podcast (FREE)

Best List of Learning Apps: Best Online Education Apps List (FREE)

Best Bounce Back Book: Bounce Back Big (FREE)

Best Volunteering Apps: GiveGab and OneToday (FREE)

Best Free Business Advice: (FREE)

Best Online Crowdfunding Platform for Entrepreneurs: Kickstarter (FREE)


Best Be a Youth Mentor Network: (FREE)

Best Ways to Leave a Positive Legacy: HuffPost Article (FREE)

Best Soulful Prosperity Books: Easy Breezy ProsperityCreating True Prosperity

Best Abundance Program: 3-Day Life Makeover

Best Yogic Abundance Practices: Yoga of Lakshmi CDs + Abundance Chants

Best Money Education Book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Best Personal Finance Guide: The Difference Wealth-Building Journal

Best Personal Finance Book for Women: Smart Women Finish Rich Book

Best Automated Personal Finance Guide: The Automated Millionaire Workbook

Best Tax Strategy Book: Tax-Free Wealth

Best Up-Your-Game Wealth Book: The Millionaire Master Plan

Best Millionaire Mindset Books: Secrets of Millionaire MindMillionaire Next Door

Best Financial Fitness Plan: The Total Money Makeover

Best Law of Attraction Book: The Attractor Factor

Best Classic Law of Attraction Books: The Secret and The Magic

Best Money Magnetism Book: Money Magnetism

Best Classic Money Book: Think and Grow Rich

Best Spiritual Wealth and Abundance Programs: You Wealth Revolution 

Best Modern Money Books: Financial Peace and Money: Master the Game

Best Stock Market Book: You Can Be a Stock Market Genius

Best Trading Platforms and Apps: Charles Schwab and Robinhood

Best Family CFO Book: How to be the Family CFO

Best Real Estate Investing Book: The ABCs of Real Estate Investing

Best Real Estate Market Cycles Book: Emerging Real Estate Markets

Best Own-the-IP Licensing Book: One Simple Idea

Best Idea to Product Book: Making It Happen

Best Real Estate Investment Website: Real Estate CrowdFunding Review

Best Index Fund: Vanguard 500 Index

Best Commodities Book: Hot Commodities

Best Financial Planning and Retirement Planning Software: Wealthtrace

Best Personal Money Management App: Mint

Best Do-It-Yourself Financial Plan: The Simple Money Portfolio (FREE)

Best Investing Guide for Millenials: Bankrate (FREE)

Best Personal Budget: The 60% Budget Solution (FREE)

Best Financial Freedom Podcast: So Money (FREE)

Best Inter-Personal Relationship Book: The Mastery of Love

Best Soulful Marriage Books: Honeymoon Effect & Secrets of a Soulful Marriage

Best Lasting Relationship Book: Intimacy

Best Love Communications Book: The 5 Love Languages

Best Rebuilding Trust Book: I Love You, But I Don’t Trust You

Best Book for Improving Existing Relationships: The Relationship Cure

Best Relationship Habits Book: Mindful Relationship Habits

Best Power of Listening to Improve Relationships: I Hear You

Best Male/Female Communications: Mars and Venus,Love & Respect Workbook

Best Friendship Book: The Friendship Factor

Best Find Your Soulmate Books: Calling in The One and The Soulmate Secret

Best Communicating with Animals Book: Animal Lessons

Best Adopt a Pet Website:

Best Love Yourself First Book: In the Meantime

Best Kindness Practices Book: Loving-Kindness in Plain English

Best Parenting Books: Simplicity Parenting and How to Raise Happy Kids

Best Life Advice for Children: 10-Minute Life Lessons for Kids

Best Christian Marriage Advice Book: The Best Advice I Ever Got on Marriage

Best Listening Books: The Sacred Art of Listening

Best Leadership Communications Book: Just Listen

Best Business Relationship Books: Give & TakeNever Eat Alone and Giftology

Best Presentation Book: Resonate

Best Relationship Stories: Chicken Soup for the Soul

Best Book on How to Conquer Social Anxiety: How to Be Yourself

Best Body Language Book: The New Secrets of Charisma

Best Christian Communication Book: Change Your Words, Change Your Life

Best Stay Connected App for Couples: Happy Couple App

Best Dating and Dealing with Loneliness Podcast: Love is Like a Plant FREE)

Best Romantic Getaways for Relationship Renewal: Solotopia article (FREE)

Best Free eCards: 123 Greetings (FREE)

Best Business Network: LinkedIn (FREE)

Best Couples Dinner Article: Progressive Dinner Party (FREE)

Best How to Write Thank You Notes Tips: The Spruce article (FREE)

Best 101 Compliments: Thought Catalog (FREE)

Best Lifestyle Transformation Book: Radiant Wellness

Best Living Simply Books: The Joy of Less and Soulful Simplicity

Best Space Cleaning Book: Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui

Best Soulful Feng Shui Book: Feng Shui for the Soul

Best Simple Feng Shui Book: Feng Shui Demystified

Best Online Feng Shui Store: LuckyCat

Best Healthy Home Book: The Healthy Home

Best Home Improvements for Mental Health: MyJobQuote Blog Article

Best Green Products for the Home: Gone Green (10% Off)

Best iPhone and Computer EMF Protectors: OrgoneVibes

Best Sensual Home Book: Interior Design for All Five Senses

Best Book on Creating Sacred Altars: Altars

Best Home Sanctuary Books: Spirit of the Home and Housekeeping for the Soul

Best Scented Candles for Your Home: Candle Junkies

Best Soulful Gardening Book: Spiritual Gardening

Best Online Crystal Store: Sage Goddess

Best Crystal Book: The Metaphysical Book of Gems and Crystals

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp & Massage Stones: Bed Bath & Beyond

Best Online Metaphysical Stores: MysticalMoonstore and NewAgeSource

Best Metaphysical Store in the Bay Area:

Best Creativity Book and Podcast: Big Magic and Magic Lessons

Best Creative Visualization Book: The Creative Visualization Workbook

Best Artistic/Self Expression Guide: The Artist Way

Best Wireless Home Music System: Bose SoundTouch 30 Series II

Best Creativity App: Brainsparker

Best Personal Style Books: Daring to Be Yourself and Advanced Style

Best Female Professional Style Books: InStyle Secrets of Style and Instant Style

Best Spa Living at Home Books: Spa Living and The Spa Life at Home

Best Stressfree Home Tips: House Method (FREE)

Best Closet Cleaning 100: Vogue article (FREE)

Best Color Therapy Article: 20 Ways to Use Color Therapy (FREE)

Best Spend Time in Nature Article: Spend More Time in Nature (FREE)

Best Musical Instrument Articles: Music is Medicine and DIY Resources (FREE)

Best Sleep Apps: Calm and Sleep Cycle (FREE)

Best Insomnia Apps: Relax & Sleep Well and Nature Sounds Relax (FREE)

Best Ideas for Soulful Vacations HuffPost and Staycations Pure Wow (FREE)

Best Ways to Express Yourself Articles: Mental Floss and BYOU (FREE)

Best Gen X Lifestyle Newsletter: AARP Girlfriend (FREE)

Best 50 Ideas for Having Fun: Life is Good (FREE)

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