Create Your Radiant Wellness Action Plan This Weekend

You know how sometimes you look at something a few times and want it, but then get distracted by a work email or Facebook, only to go back and realize that cool thing you wanted is gone?


There are only 2 days left to get The Radiant Wellness Action Plan Workshop for free — after tomorrow evening this offer is G.O.N.E.

This workshop will be $99 after Sunday at midnight PT, so secure your free seat now.

To get the workshop for free, all you have to do is grab your copy of my new book Radiant Wellness then enter your order number here

Between the book and the workshop, you will be unstoppable this year...

... because for less than $10-18 (depending on which version of the book you get – Kindle or paperback), you'll get the book plus 90-minutes of live health coaching with me — and you get to download and keep the recording, too.

This offer is a special gift to celebrate the release of the book, and once it's gone, it's gone...




Again, all orders (paperback and e-book) from Amazon are eligible to get a free seat in the workshop. 

I can't wait for you to get your hands on this book, and start creating sustainable health and happiness for yourself and your family.

To your radiant wellness!

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