Health vs. Wellness: Are They the Same Thing? Does it Matter?


It's important to "Know the difference between health and wellness. Health is a goal. Wellness is a lifelong journey. Like any journey, it helps to have a plan so you get to your destination as smoothly as possible." 

-Vicki Morris, The Radiant Wellness Coach

In my new book Radiant Wellness: Creating Sustainable Health and Happiness From the Inside Out, I explore the difference between health and wellness and why it pays off big time to focus on wellness.

When you read Radiant Wellness you’ll also discover:

•The #1 reason why most people struggle with wellness and they don’t have to
•How healthy your current lifestyle really is and whether your lifestyle is designed to help you stay well or make you sick
•The secrets of radiant wellness that address the REAL cause of most major diseases (this may surprise you)
•New, scientifically proven ways to help delay or even prevent the onset of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s
•The inner game of wellness
•Whether your conscious and subconscious beliefs are aligned to wellness
•The one mindset shift you MUST make to create sustainable wellness

This book is a powerful wellness manual for everyone who lives and works in our 24x7x365 global digital age. And, it’s the ideal guide to help you and your family stay healthy on all levels during and after the pandemic because it empowers you to move from living as a Survival-Mode Symptom Soldier to becoming a Radiant Wellness Warrior.

YOU CAN MAKE THE WELLNESS SHIFT, TOO, when you get the Radiant Wellness book at


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