Why Express Gratitude Before You Eat?

Welcome to Day 5 of Heart Centered Living Gratitude Week

First, I'd like to wish "Happy Thanksgiving" to everyone in the U.S. and "happy day" to my international followers.

Today's topic is "Why express gratitude before you eat?"

Here are a few reasons to consider saying grace or doing a blessing before eating your meal.

1. Blessings and positive thoughts can make food healthier (that's why I bless all of the Radiant Wellness supplements and skincare products before they are shipped ;-)

If you don't believe blessings make a difference, watch this video to see how positive words change the crystalline energy structure of water:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-0PeUeYbqw

2. Blessings help you feel more connected to your food and everyone who made it possible for you to receive it.

3. Blessings help you slow down, be mindful and fully present so you can enjoy your meal more fully.

4. Blessings and savoring your food before you eat it with all of your senses help you anticipate your meal which releases saliva in your mouth so you can taste the food better, happy emotions in your brain so you enjoy the meal more and juices in your stomach which help you digest your meal more fully.

5. Blessings - like all positive traditions when practiced regularly - can help you remember other meals and special times with friends and family.

Day 5 Gratitude Practice

If you don't currently have a meal prayer, come up with one that resonates with you.

Here are a few sites to check out:

1) Non-denomination Meal Prayers: https://www.vix.com/en/ovs/love/56446/7-non-denominational-prayers-for-thanksgiving

2) Christian Meal Prayers: https://www.learnreligions.com/dinner-prayers-and-mealtime-blessings-701303


3) Buddhist Meal Prayers: https://newbuddhist.com/discussion/5518/buddhist-form-of-grace-prayer-before-eating

4) Islamic Meal Supplications: https://www.learnreligions.com/prayers-during-meals-2004520

5) Jewish Blessings Before Eating: https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/brachot-blessings-before-eating

6) Hindu Meal Prayers: 


And even if you already have a meal prayer, please take a minute to see if it is still ideal for you at this point in your life. 

For years, I would automatically say the meal prayer that I learned from my parents. But as a grew older and I adopted more unity conscious-oriented beliefs, then I realized that it was time to upgrade my meal prayer. 

How I Changed My Meal Prayer So It's More Inclusive

My original meal prayer focused on thanking God and the food for nourishing me. But, I realized that I also wanted to thank the one divine consciousness in all who made my meal possible. 

So, now I take a minute to proactively extend gratitude to every plant, animal and person who made my meal possible including Mother Earth.

In addition, I wanted to include others in my blessings. So, I now end my meal prayer with a blessing that everyone everywhere may also be blessed with peace, love, radiant health, abundance and joy.


What's your favorite meal time prayer?

Do you use a different blessing during holidays like Thanksgiving?



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