How to REALLY Protect Yourself from COVID-19

How to REALLY Protect Yourself from COVID-19

Watch Episode 5 of The Radiant Wellness Show to find out!


Episode 5 Show Notes:

In this episode of The Radiant Wellness Show, I’m interviewing the seven times New York Times best-selling author and internationally acclaimed smart nutrition and natural healing expert, Dr. Joel Fuhrman. We’re discussing the MOST reliable way to protect yourself and your family from COVID-19.


Things you’ll learn in this episode:

02:56: How can people protect themselves and their families from the coronavirus and other infectious diseases?

05:28: How can something good come out of the coronavirus pandemic?

09:56: Which foods should we avoid, and which foods should we eat that will help protect us from coronavirus and other diseases?

19:51: Is there one practical wellness tip that you recommend to complement this nutritional change to boost immune systems?

24:21: What do you think is the biggest takeaway from your book? How is your newest book, Eat for Life, relevant to the coronavirus?

27:46: Do you have examples of people who have implemented these changes you've suggested?

33:46: How is the coronavirus pandemic an opportunity for people to make changes that improve their immune system?

I hope you'll watch the full episode to learn how to protect yourself and your family during the COVID-19 pandemic from an internationally known medical doctor who specializes in smart nutrition to prevent and reverse major diseases.


But, I'll understand if you don't have 38 minutes to watch the full show. If that's the case, please use the highlights above to jump to the parts that interest you the most.


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