How to Raise Your Happiness Setpoint


How to Be Happier

Watch Episode 4 of the Radiant Wellness Show to find out!

Episode 4 Show Notes

In this episode of The Radiant Wellness Show, I’m interviewing Marci Shimoff, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason, about how to be happier even in these challenging times.

Things you’ll learn in this episode:

02:19: Why Marci wrote Happy for No Reason? Hint: She wasn’t born happy

05:56: Does being happy for no reason mean you are happy all the time?

08:19: What was the most exciting thing you learned about happiness? Hint: Each of us has a “happiness setpoint”, but it CAN be changed.

13:40: What are the 7 types of happiness habits?

17:45: How can people raise their “happiness setpoint”?

22:22: What’s the link between happiness and wellness? And, how did you discover the link during your Happy for No Reason book tour?

24:16: Use a HeartMath meditation to raise your “happiness setpoint” quickly

25:04: Most of us have a negativity bias, but you can change to positivity bias and build new neural pathways for happiness

26:56: Try the "Bounce and Shake" exercise to raise your physical energy levels and happiness

30:06: Get Marci’s FREE workbook with 21 happiness habits you can try at home


I hope you'll watch the full episode to learn how to raise your “happiness setpoint” and start feeling happier even in these challenging times.

But, I'll understand if you don't have 33 minutes to watch the full show. If that's the case, please use the highlights above to jump to the parts that interest you the most.

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