How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally This Winter

Are you often sick?

Your frequent illnesses may be due to a weak immune system and your body’s inability to fight invading organisms. Your immune system may also be overworked during winter as the days get shorter and the temperature drops.

Fortunately, there are ways to boost your immune system naturally, here are some of the best.

5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

1. Immune boosting herbs and supplements.

Taking natural herbs like elderberry, echinacea, and astragalus can boost your immune system and help reduce the duration and severity of illness. Elderberry can boost your immune system this winter if you often find yourself susceptible to colds, flu and viral infections.

Elderberry has been shown to prevent harmful viruses from entering and infecting body cells thanks to their high level of anthocyanins (anthocyanidin-3-glycosides). Anthocyanins are very strong beneficial antioxidants which are supported by the large quantities of vitamin C found in elderberry.

These elderberry anthocyanins produce cytokines, chemical messengers that give your immune system a boost once an invading antigen is detected.

2. Follow a healthy diet.

In order to boost your immune system and keep it strong, it is vital that you follow a healthy diet plan. Center you meals around natural, whole foods that are nutritious and beneficial to your health.

Eat more fruits and vegetables including broccoli, carrots and grapefruit. Combining these foods will increase your intake of both antioxidants and natural vitamin C. It is also important to avoid processed foods high in sugar, salt and fats which increase inflammation and weaken your immune response.

3. Exercise more.

A lean, mean and fit body supports a strong immune system. Biking, skiing, jogging and resistance (weight) training are great choices, especially during the winter when you are exposed to and more susceptible to colds and flu viruses.

Staying active gets your heart pumping, blood flowing which carries more oxygen and nutrients to all parts of your body and strengthens your ability to fight off disease.

4. Always wash your hands.

Many diseases, including colds and flu, are transmitted when you touch your mouth, eyes or nose with your infected hands. Simply by cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and washing your hands with soap and water you can remove the threat of germs.

Be especially mindful of hand washing after touching door knobs, handrails, gym equipment or any object in public areas that may host harmful bacteria and viruses.

Your clothing may also be home to germs, wash them frequently and wash your hands after dropping your laundry into the washing machine.

5. Get plenty of sleep.

Your body recovers, rebuilds and repairs as you sleep. Those beneficial cytokines supported by your elderberry intake are released during sleep. Much of your body’s infection-fighting happens during sleep.

Adequate, restful sleep will boost your immune system and prepare your body to fight infection tomorrow.


Takeaway: Following these 5 immune system boosting tips will reduce your susceptibility to illness. All five are easy to follow and should be implemented daily to ensure you stay healthy this cold and flu season.

Feel free to share this article with your friends and family so that they too can boost their immune system naturally this winter!

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