Holistic Spring Cleaning: The 7 Non-Negotiable Practices That Keep Me Sane & Healthy Each Spring

It’s spring and you may be thinking about doing a spring cleaning for your house—but why not do a spring cleaning for your mind, body, and soul this year, too?

For the last three years, I’ve done a "Holistic Spring Cleaning" on myself.

 And you know what? It’s been a lifesaver every time.

My Motivation for Spring Cleaning my Mind, Body, and Soul

Three years ago, I was still working 70 hours a week as a high-tech executive, and by spring I had been cooped up inside for months and wasn’t able to take a vacation until summer. At that point, I was really exhausted and craving a break. Since the first day of spring is also my birthday, my husband asked me what I wanted as a present.

We aren’t big on exchanging gifts, but I realized that I really needed a break. Otherwise, I was concerned Humpty-Dumpty would fall apart and I wouldn’t be able to put myself back together again. Well, you know what I mean.

That’s when I came up with the idea of doing a weekend spring cleaning for my mind, body, and soul. The goal was to help me regain my balance, lift my spirits, and help give me enough energy to keep going with my job until I could take my full vacation.

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