How Gratitude Attracts Abundance and Joy

Welcome to Day 6 of Gratitude Week at Heart Centered Living

Today's topic is "How Gratitude Attracts Abundance and Joy"

Want to experience more abundance and joy?

Try this.

Whenever you start thinking about something you want or think you need to be happy, simply change your focus to what you have already and feel truly grateful for it.

That's it.

When you come from a place of real gratitude, your consciousness shifts to the present moment where everything is perfect, whole and complete.

Want to amplify your abundance even further using gratitude?

Try these 4 additional quick and easy gratitude abundance generators.

1. Be grateful for the little things.

2. Be grateful for all the good in the world.

3. Be grateful for all the experiences that help you learn and grow your soul.

4. Be grateful for being alive and being able to enjoy life right now.

Day 6 Gratitude Practice

Try at least one of the gratitude abundance generators above. 

Did gratitude help you feel more content and abundant?

Hopefully, this gratitude practice has helped you feel that you are whole just as you are and don't need anything else to be added externally to be truly happy and abundant.

Let gratitude shift your perspective so you realize that you really do have all you need and that ALL IS WELL!



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