Can Gratitude Really Make You Happier?

Welcome to Day 4 of Gratitude Week at Heart Centered Living

Today's topic is "Can gratitude really make you happier?"

The simple answer is "YES". Gratitude can make you happier.

And, in a study conducted by Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman, positive psychology expert at the University of Pennsylvania, the simple act of writing and sending a thank you note to someone who had never been properly thanked for her or her kindness skyrocketed happiness scores.

Participants in the study reported that this simple gratitude act had an “impact (that) was greater than that of anything else" they tried to be happier and for some the feelings of happiness or "the benefits lasted as long as a month."

Wow! Who would have through that one simple act of sincere gratitude could result in feeling happier FOR A WHOLE MONTH!

Even though it's a busy holiday week, maybe it's worth taking the time to do this one simple act of gratitude.

Day 4 Gratitude Practice:

Grab your pen and write out at least one gratitude letter to someone who you've never thanked in your life. 

Bonus points: Get a whole pack of beautiful Thanksgiving cards and write a sincere note to 10 people and mail them today.

QUESTION: If you did the Day 4 Gratitude Practice, how did you feel afterwards?


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