Our Heart-Centered Gift Guide


Our Heart-Centered Gift Guide

Still trying to figure out the perfect gift to give to your loved ones?

Or, maybe you just want to add something extra special to the gifts you’ve already got…

Consider giving one of these more heart-centered gifts this year.


  1. Give the gift of YOU being fully present, available and loving
  2. Offer to do something meaningful (e.g. babysitting, making a homemade meal, running errands to help take pressure off someone, etc.)
  3. Send love and light to friends and family every day for a month
  4. Breathe in love from the sun and send it down out to help others awaken
  5. Share joy with your loved ones by singing, dancing or uplifting them in some way
  6. Be mindful of your words and speak with kindness and love
  7. Help someone clean his or her home of clutter so he or she can release what no longer serves them (note: as we end this decade, this can be a really wonderful way to help someone who is stuck energetically release what is holding him or her back so she or he can move forward with ease and joy).


Prefer to give something physical? Consider these 12 heart-centered gift ideas.

12 Heart-Centered Gift Ideas:

But first, what makes a gift heart centered?


Ideally, it’s meaningful to the recipient. It’s healthy or helps someone be healthier. It’s uplifting for the mind, body and soul. Plus, it’s good for everyone including Mother Earth.


  1. For someone who needs more love – a Rose Quartz Crystal and the Metaphysical Book of Gems and Crystals to help them learn how crystals can be an ally to help open their heart to giving and receiving more love in their life.


  1. For someone who is tired of dieting and wants to lose more than 50 pounds of excess weight – the Jon Gabriel Method that includes visualizations as a proven way to reprogram your subconscious mind and help you lose the weight AND keep it off.


  1. For someone who is constantly on their iPhone – an EMF-blocking protector by OrgoneVibes that you can stick onto your phone.


  1. For someone who needs more happiness and work-life balance – my book Happy Habits: Energize Your Career and Life in 4 Minutes a Day that includes 40 one-minute happiness mindset shifts and how to turn them into permanent happy habits that uplift you and everyone around you.


  1. For someone who has recently been diagnosed with a chronic disease – give the gift of hope and empowerment with the How Not to Die book by Dr. Michael Gregor which provides compelling evidence on how diet and lifestyle can be used to reverse major diseases.


  1. For someone who likes to exercise but can’t find the time to go to the gym – my Radiant Wellness Workout which include 5 healthy, heart-centered mini-workout videos that can be done in less than 30 minutes. Note: This is the ideal gift for someone who signs up for a gym membership every year and then stops going within the first month.


  1. For someone who wants to learn how to meditate – I recommend Emily Fletcher’s ZivaOnline program for people who want the practical benefits of meditation without the woo-woo.


  1. For someone who is chronically stressed – a Young Living dewdrop diffuser and aromatherapy oils.


  1. For someone who wants to develop healthier habits in the new year – Elizabeth Rider’s Healthy Habits book.


  1. For someone who has chronic pain – try Full Spectrum (500 mg THC-FREE) Hemp oil which can be taken orally or applied topically for natural pain relief.


  1. For someone who has everything – donate to their favorite charity in their name and give them a gift card with the donation receipt.


  1. For someone who wants to start the year off healthier on all levels – try my 3-Day Heart Centered Living Reset program with mind, body and soul practices which includes a 14-day money back satisfaction guarantee.


For more Heart-Centered Gift Ideas, visit our Resources webpage which includes hundreds of heart-centered resources that I personally recommend and some are even free.

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