You're Invited to the Radiant Wellness Action Plan Workshop

Happy Monday!

With the release of Radiant Wellness this week, I'm hosting a workshop on Thursday, May 21st to help you create your own wellness action plan.

This workshop will be $99 for new clients, but it's yours FREE THIS WEEK when you preorder the book!

The workshop complements what you'll learn in the book and in your wellness quiz to help you create a personalized, radiant wellness action plan that is right for you.


In this 90-Minute Live Workshop You Will:


  • Understand why it’s critical to prioritize your wellness


  • Hear the biggest mistakes that most people make and how to avoid them


  • Discover a new sustainable approach to health and happiness


  • Learn the root cause of most major diseases (and how to prevent and reverse diseases using this knowledge)


  • Shift your mindset from SICK-CARE to SELF-CARE and from being a Survival-Mode Symptom Solider to becoming a Radiant Wellness Warrior


  • Be empowered to choose a wellness strategy that creates real results
  • Build your wellness team and learn how to become CEO of your wellness
  • Create a personalized action plan based on your Radiant Wellness Quiz results.


  • Learn how to implement The Radiant Wellness Path™ to create a pro-wellness lifestyle that works for you.


  • Decide what type of ongoing support your need to maintain your wellness plan.


To celebrate the release of my new book, I'm giving away 90 minutes of free health coaching, and you're invited! But it's only free to those who preorder the book, so grab your copy now.


Radiant Wellness Action Plan Workshop

($99 Value, Free for Preorders)

Today, I'm excited to invite you to my free workshop so you can develop your own custom action plan and put it all into practice.

When you preorder the book this week, you get a free ticket to my upcoming Radiant Wellness Action Plan Workshop.

Entry to this 90-Minute live workshop is $99/person, but your spot is FREE when you order the book.

You can attend online from anywhere in the world. I encourage you to show up live if you can to soak up the energy and education of the live workshop, but the recording will be sent to everyone registered and is yours to download and keep.



 The Workshop is happening LIVE on Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 12pm PT

(That's 1pm MT, 2pm CT, 3pm ET, 8pm London)

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