Want Help Tapping Into Your Radiant Wellness?

My mission is to help busy people be radiantly well from the inside out.

To support my mission, I am currently becoming a Certified Akashic Records Reader. That may sound a little woo woo for a Health Coach - even a Holistic Wellness Coach. But I discovered that the Akashic Records can be an incredibly valuable tool in helping people feel better.

When you are in the Akashic Records, you feel the love and support of your guides, ancestors, masters and angels. The first time I went into the Akashic Records I was so moved that I cried. It was just what I needed to release so I could heal and feel more whole again. And every time I open the records for a client with their permission, they always tell me how much lighter and freer they feel afterwards.

Another reason the Akashic Records are such a powerful tool in your wellness journey is that you can ask your guides and highest self for information and guidance on challenging health issues. I'm often surprised at the input I receive and yet it is always pointing me to the most heart-centered possibilities. So, I highly recommend getting this input on every major wellness challenge in addition to getting your data and recommendations from your doctor and lab work.

If you are interested in experiencing a Holistic Wellness Consultation that includes an Akashic Records Reading, please sign up for a FREE 30-Minute Session with me at https://heartcenteredliving.simplybook.me/v2/#book.

Please note that I am only offering FREE Holistic Wellness Consultations this month. So, I encourage you to sign up today while spots are still available.

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