The Two Primary Reasons for Energy Loss

One of the top health issues that many of my clients face is LOW ENERGY.

Have you felt drained and exhausted, especially recently?

If so, there can be two primary reasons for energy loss.

The first reason is PHYSICAL. As we age (especially after 40), our body's physical chemistry changes and we often loose energy unless we take special steps to plug the energy drains.

The second reason is ENERGETIC (as in what's happening in your astral and causal bodies which are also know as your energy and spiritual bodies). Given the COVID-19 Pandemic, there is A LOT going on energetically both with the planet and within each of us right now. So, it's best to understand what's happening on that level and take advantage of the new fifth dimension (5D) energy healing opportunities that are arising to help us improve our energy levels and overall health both now and in the future.

As a June special to members of Radiant Wellness, I'm pleased to offer you access to TWO ENERGY MASTERCLASSES to help you optimize your energy on all levels.

The first class - which will be held LIVE on Zoom on June 4th at Noon pacific time - is focused on Physical Energy. The class covers "The Truth About Energy Declines and What You Can Do About It." This class is based on the latest scientific information as well as my own experience recovering my energy when I was 50.

The second class - which will be held LIVE on Zoom on June 11th at Noon pacific time - is focused on Non-Physical or Astral Energy. The class introduces "5D Energy Healing" and includes a special 5D chakra energy healing activation from the Akashic Masters. Yes, this class is "Woo Woo" versus scientific. But, wouldn't it be great to experience some Divine guidance and healing right now? Sign up if you're open...

You're Officially Invited to Both Energy Classes! 

If you are over 40 or are currently experiencing energy drains on any levels, I strongly urge you to sign up for BOTH classes so you can optimize your energy on ALL levels and get the maximum benefit.

Only Radiant Wellness Subscribers can get both for $49. 

You can attend the masterclasses online from anywhere in the world LIVE via Zoom. Each class is approximately one hour but may run longer depending on the Q&A at the end.

I encourage you to show up live if you can to soak up the energy and education of the live masterclasses, but the recordings will be sent to everyone registered and is yours to download and keep.



 Hope to see you at BOTH energy masterclasses!

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