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Press release –Rancho Mirage, CA ­– May 20, 2020:


Every once in a while, a new book or movie comes along at exactly the right time like the first Harry Potter movie that hit the big screen just after 9-11 and taught us to believe in magic again. And now when many of us are still staying home to save lives with the coronavirus, Radiant Wellness: Create Sustainable Health and Happiness From the Inside Out is now available to offer hope and guidance.


Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason, calls Radiant Wellness “a game-changing wellness book that can help you be happier and healthier from the inside out.”


John Campbell MD calls Radiant Wellness “the ultimate guidebook on your wellness journey.”


Lisa McDonnell RN says Radiant Wellness “not only gives you the means to be healthier and happier, but it also gives you the MOTIVATION to make time.”




There are three reasons Radiant Wellness is a game-changer and a must-read, especially right now.


First, Radiant Wellness can help address some of the health crises we are facing such as America’s Hidden Pre/Diabetes Epidemic, Stress Epidemic and global COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than a quick-fix diet that doesn’t work, Radiant Wellness offers a proven and sustainable lifestyle based on real world experience that can help people boost their immunity to decrease their risk of getting coronavirus and can even help people reverse stress-related diseases.


Author, Vicki Morris, personally overcame chronic stress, prediabetes and systemic inflammation (the root cause of most major diseases including Alzheimer’s disease which killed her father).


And, she healed herself while working 70 hours per week in the high tech industry. Then, she proved the Radiant Wellness Path™ worked with other busy people, too. So, Radiant Wellness is DOABLE and EFFECTIVE – even for busy people.


Second, Radiant Wellness is based on the emerging wisdom that true wellness comes from within and that with a BALANCED and HOLISTIC (mind, body and soul) lifestyle the body can return to its natural state of health and happiness and heal itself.


Some health books discuss the mind-body connection, but this is one of the first that includes mind, body and soul practices and pulls them all together into a holistic wellness lifestyle that can be used as a practical approach to helping readers reverse the impact of years of chronic stress and unhealthy living.


Third, Radiant Wellness guides readers through the critical mindset shift from SICK-CARE to SELF-CARE that people MUST make in order to start creating sustainable health and happiness. When you focus on sick-care and stay stuck treating symptoms and living in survival mode as a Survival-Mode Symptom Solider – like most Americans are today, then it is much harder to be well and stay well.


So, the key to sustainable wellness is daily self-care and being a Radiant Wellness Warrior where you adopt a holistic wellness lifestyle that helps build your immunity and resilience, helps prevent diseases and slows aging, and lets the mind, body and soul heal from the inside out.


“I am pleased to offer busy people an empowered approach to creating sustainable health and happiness from the inside out with Radiant Wellness,” said Vicki Morris, The Radiant Wellness Coach and Founder of Radiant Wellness. “True wellness does come from within and I’m honored to help clients learn the inner game of wellness and move away from chronic stress, fatigue and inflammatory diseases such as prediabetes and into a state of greater well-being, wholeness and radiant wellness.”


Radiant Wellness is a must for anyone who is interested in getting a handle on sustainable wellness and becoming a Radiant Wellness Warrior.


In Radiant Wellness, you’ll learn:


  • The #1 reason why most people struggle with wellness and they don’t have to
  • How healthy your current lifestyle really is and whether your lifestyle is designed to help you stay well or make you sick
  • The secrets of radiant wellness that address the REAL cause of most major diseases (this may surprise you)
  • New, scientifically proven ways to help delay or even prevent the onset of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s
  • The inner game of wellness
  • Whether your conscious and subconscious beliefs are aligned to wellness
  • The one mindset shift you MUST make to create sustainable wellness


It’s worth buying Radiant Wellness just to get the helpful tips on: avoiding the top 4 wellness obstacles, selecting an effective wellness strategy, learning how to create your own wellness team, getting the lab work you need, and discovering the 5 key components of a radiant wellness lifestyle.


Book Pricing & Availability


Radiant Wellness: Create Sustainable Health & Happiness From the Inside Out

250-pages, Available Now on Amazon

Paperback: ISBN #978-0-9968697-8-2, Price $17.99

eBook/Kindle: ISBN #978-0-9968697-7-5, Price $9.99



About Vicki Morris

Vicki Morris is a Certified Health Coach, Holistic Wellness Guide, and Award-Winning Author who overcame chronic stress, prediabetes and systemic inflammation while working 70 hours per week in the high-tech industry.

Vicki took what she learned from her own journey and created Radiant Wellness where she helps busy people overcome stress and stress-related diseases by adopting a holistic wellness lifestyle so they can create sustainable health and happiness, which is more important than ever given the challenges of the global digital age including the stress and pre/diabetes epidemics and COVID-19 pandemic.


About Radiant Wellness 

Radiant Wellness is a transformational lifestyle company that offers online coaching programs that help busy people create sustainable health and happiness from the inside out starting with a 10-Day Reset (the first truly Holistic Detox). In addition, Radiant Wellness offers healthy, USA-made supplements and skincare products to promote optimal self-care and healthy living. For more information, visit https://www.radiantwellness.com.

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