Be Radiant & Be Well Before the Summer Ends

Can you believe it?

It's only 3 weeks until Labor Day!

Where did the Summer go?

Despite the Coronavirus Pandemic, it seems like the Summer has sped by.  But there is still time to grab a few rays in the sun with a life-affirming book.

As you know, I am super passionate about helping busy people learn how to regain their radiance and feel well on ALL levels - including their mind, body and soul.

And, I REALLY want to share my book now so that everyone can use this slower vibration time to be more empowered to live healthier and happier lives.

So, I've decided to offer my book Radiant Wellness: Create Sustainable Health and Happiness From the Inside Out for only $0.99.

Yep. I'm practically giving my book away.

Normally, the Kindle version of my book is  price $9.99. 

But right now my book is only $0.99 on Amazon.

That's 90% off!

I'm giving this incredible discount because I want to share the amazing insights I learned during my wellness journey and health coach certification training including:

  • The #1 reason why most people struggle with wellness and they don’t have to
  • How healthy your current lifestyle really is and whether your lifestyle is designed to help you stay well or make you sick
  • The secrets of radiant wellness that address the REAL cause of most major diseases (this may surprise you)
  • New, scientifically proven ways to help delay or even prevent the onset of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s
  • The inner game of wellness
  • Whether your conscious and subconscious beliefs are aligned to wellness
  • The one mindset shift you MUST make to create sustainable wellness

In a nutshell, I wrote this book because I want to help you be radiant and be well again.

Despite years of work-life imbalance, chronic stress and self-neglect (Yes, I confess it all!), I was able to recover my health, happiness and well-being completely. And, I was able to do it while working 70 hours per week and going through menopause.

So, if you believe in self-care and healthy living but don't think you have time to take care of yourself, then I want you to know that there is hope and that you, too, can be radiantly well again.

If this resonates with you, I urge you to get my new book, Radiant Wellness: Create Sustainable Health and Happiness From the Inside Out, while it's on sale for only $0.99 from Amazon.

But don't delay.

This SPECIAL $0.99 SUMMER BOOK SALE is available today only!




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