3 Reasons to Reset vs. Detox

Want to feel better quickly?


Here are three reasons to choose a Mind-Body-Soul Reset (like the Heart Centered Living 3-Day Reset) versus a Detox or Juice Cleanse.


3 Reasons It’s Better to Reset Than Detox


  1. Nourishment vs. Deprivation


Reset’s focus on ADDING things that nourish your mind, body and soul and NOT on FASTING OR DEPRIVATION.


The basic idea behind most “detox diets” is to temporarily remove certain foods or food groups, or take a specific food, juice or supplement, to help eliminate toxins that build up from the environment.


Warning: Some detoxes or juice cleanses can even be unhealthy.

For example, bottled juices often contain high amounts of sugar, which spike blood-sugar levels.

Plus, juicing removes fiber the body needs. 

And if juices aren't freshly made, they may not have much real nutrition or life force vitality (prana).


It’s much healthier to adopt a healthier lifestyle and diet so the body’s natural detoxification systems kick in. With a Reset, the idea is to add the good stuff in (e.g., fresh whole foods with plenty of fiber-rich green vegetables) versus limiting foods.


  1. Healthy Lifestyle vs. Diet


Reset’s are about jump starting a new, happier and healthier lifestyle while detoxes and cleanses are short-term, temporary diets.


For most people, any gains made from a detox or diet such as initial weight loss or increased energy are often short-lived.


To achieve sustainable improvements, it is recommended that people adopt a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis.


A truly happy and healthy lifestyle requires healthy amounts of good water/hydration, sleep, movement, breath, nutrition and meaningful connection to Source and others.


You can jump start a happier and healthier lifestyle with the Heart Centered Living 3-Day Reset.


Also, keep in mind that the very best way you can help your body recover after a period of unhealthy choices is to get enough high-quality sleep.


So, if you want to see REAL RESULTS in ONLY 3 DAYS, then the best bet is to select a Reset which is designed to help you rest and relax and get some quality sleep.



  1. Mind-Body-Soul Balance vs. Body Only

Reset’s encourage people to adopt daily mind, body and soul practices, while detoxes and cleanses are just about removing toxins from the body.


One of the number one causes of inflammation and toxins in the body is from stress, which is an imbalance of the mind.


Detoxes try to remove symptoms (inflammatory toxins in the body).


Resets try to address the underlying root cause to help people re-align their mind, body and soul so toxins aren’t created.


Ready to Reset vs. Detox?


Start the 3-Day Reset now for only $59.


That’s only $19.67/day to jump start your new happier and healthier lifestyle.


For the 3 reasons listed above, I highly recommend you  Reset vs. Detox.


Start your 3-Day Reset Today for Only $59!

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